Carson Align

Motorised Slider Tray for Ultra Short Laser Projector

Easily switch screen size from 80” to 150” using this convenient motorized slider tray. Bid farewell to limitations and embrace an immersive viewing experience. Elevate your home theatre arrangement by incorporating the motorized slider tray, opening up a realm of cinematic possibilities!

Exceptionally Stable and Incredibly Quiet

The robust full-body thickened aluminium construction of the SCREENPRO motorized slide tray boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 25kg, providing consistently stable support for your UST projector.

Unveiling the Align Slider for a 150-Inch Visual Feast!

Experience an expansive 150-inch projection screen size with the motorized retractable tray, boasting a maximum extension length of 330mm. Dive into a world of larger-than-life visuals, crafting a captivating cinematic experience within your personal space.


Align 530

Align 610

Additional information



Power supply

6V/1A by attached power adapter

Unit dimension (W X D X H)

530mm/610mm X 375mm X 58mm

Sliding distance

0 – 330mm

Maximum load


Net weight