Preference Black

15 years in the making, Carson's Global Material Transport platform represents the pinnacle in motorized projection screen material management

By combining revolutionary 20-point tensioning with noise suppressed, high speed synchronous actuators, the GMT platform achieves unprecedented levels of surface flatness previously only witnessed in fixed frame screens.

In crafting the the next generation GMT platform, Carson’s experienced engineers researched new aluminium alloys and extrusion methods that significantly increased the stiffness of the bottom bar and main case structure for more repeatable and precise deployments that drop and raise the exact same set positions each and every time you use the screen.

The GMT platform supports screen sizes between 80 and 170 inches diagonal and feature floating brackets and accessories to facilitate ceiling, wall and suspension mounting.


Daylight Material II ALR 8K

Carson’s Daylight II HDR 8K material incorporates next generation Z-axis lattice coating technology to achieve ultra fine-grained 8K+ resolving ability while absorbing 85% of ambient light from directions other than the projector so that you can enjoy full colour images even when the the curtains are open/lights are on. The material has 0.8 gain and uniformly transmits vivid colour in a wide 160 degree arc for the entire audience to enjoy.

Made from a dark nano particle mix formed on top of a bulk polymer sublayer that prevents sunlight penetration from the rear, Daylight II fully supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Rec. 2100, making it an excellent future proof investment for your current and future projectors.

Carson’s unique chemically engineering ensures this stable material is resistant to creasing, UV, moisture, dust, fire, discolouration and ageing so your screen will continue to perform day-in, day-out for decades to come.


FormatSize / InchViewing area (W x H)Left/right/bottom borderTop borderHeightLengthPacking size
16:992″2037 X 114540525185724472537 X 161 X 174
100″2214 X 124540425185726242714 X 161 X 174
110″2435 X 136940450200628462936 X 161 X 174
120″2656 X 149440330201130673157 X 161 X 174
130″2878 X 161840200200532883378 X 161 X 174
140″3100 X 174340100203035103600 X 161 X 174
150″”3321 X 186740100215437313821 X 161 X 174

All measurements are recorded in millimetres. The recorded measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Carson Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or ignored at the integrator’s discretion. Carson Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.


High-quality screen in an economical frame construction

Compatible with all standard projectors

4K compatible

Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens

Easy to assemble and install

Custom size options up to 400 inches

Award-winning screen technology

ISF-certified screen material

Additional information

Case colour

Black / White

Aspect ratio


Aspect Ratio (Masked)

HDTV 16:9

Projector screen size

92" – 150", Custom size options up to 400 inches


Daylight Material II ALR 8K

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