The Premiere

Elevate your theatre room to a new level of comfort with The Premiere

Featuring deep padded seating with cushioned armrests, and a 2-way split design provides comfort while staying true to its sleek contemporary design.

The Premier offers an incredible mix of solace and style. The extra wide armrests and seating region give you a genuinely VIP experience in your own home. Combined with LED cup-holders, LED base lighting, premium AIR leather finish, and smooth chair reclining system, the Premier brings the best home auditorium experience to your home.

The Premiere uses a DwertOkin motor for flawless operation and excellent endurance. These recliner mechanisms feature the high-quality workmanship, robustness and reliability that DewertOkin is known for.


The recorded measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Carson Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or ignored at the integrator’s discretion. Carson Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

LED Lighted Cup holder
Premium Air Leather
Full Electric Recliner
LED Base Lighting
German-mand Okin motor


Electric Recliner

LED Lighted Cup holder

Air Leather

Padded Armrests

Blue backlit button with USB Port

DewertOkin Motor

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Each seat ships separately & unassembled


Australian Manufacturers Warranty

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