Blends flawlessly with surrounding décor.

Until now, fixed frame screens either have a thick 6-12cm bezel or don’t have bezels at all. Both of these designs have deficiencies. Traditional thick bezel designs use direct edge tensioning to ensure maximum flatness of the picture surface, but take up extra space and can be an eyesore to some, reducing the maximum screen size that can be installed and limiting their aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, bezel-free screens offer an ultra-modern appearance and the ability to accommodate the largest possible screen on your wall. However, this design required the screen material to wrap around the back of the frame structure, resulting in reduced tension and a noticeably less flat image surface. This often led to imperfections like crests and dips appearing at the edges and even within the central display area.

Carson’s revolutionary Zedge frame structure combines the best aspects of traditional and bezel-free designs to create a screen that, for the first time, delivers peak visual real estate and flatness simultaneously. By introducing advanced robotic Z-axis machining techniques, Carson engineers were able to move the side material tension points almost to the very edge of the frame bars. The result is a screen with just a 1.2cm bezel (almost zero in real-life appearance) while maintaining the highest surface tension possible for the ultimate, completely flat picture experience that exceeds the geometric uniformity of any glass-fronted TV/monitor available on the market today.

Optimised for UST Projectors.

Crafted with the innovative principles of the Fresnel lens, the Carson Starlight Zero screen is meticulously engineered to efficiently absorb ambient light, enhancing brightness and contrast. This design optimally caters to the needs of ultra-short-throw projectors, delivering incident light from the screen to the audience while effectively reducing ambient light interference.

Absorb ambient light.

Starlight Zero doesn’t just boost brightness; it also excels at eliminating distracting ambient light, resulting in a lifelike image that lets you fully savour 4K content whether your lights are on or off. Colors come to life with enhanced definition, and the sharpness and image clarity of high-resolution (UHD and 4K) content is remarkably pronounced.


UST Starlight 4k/8k CLR

Carson’s UST Starlight 4K/8K CLR material incorporates next-generation Z-axis optical nano-lens technology to achieve ultra fine-grained 8K+ resolving ability while absorbing ambient light from the above, left, and right sides so that you can enjoy full-colour images even when the curtains are open/lights are on. The material has 0.8 gain to support the latest infinite contrast ratio projectors and uniformly transmits vivid colour in a wide 160-degree arc for the entire audience to enjoy.

Groups of optical lenses on the surface of the screen efficiently focus and redirect the tabletop light coming from the latest LED and Laser UST projectors to the viewer with minimal loss of brightness (many competitor designs waste 40% to as much as 60% or the precious light energy generated by your projector), while thousands of lines of curved miniature awnings (within which the lenses are embedded) prevent all but 7% of total ambient light from affecting your visual enjoyment. The result is a perceived contrast that is a full magnitude (1000%) better than that produced by a traditional matte white screen.

Black-backed to prevent sunlight penetration from the rear, BrightStar Ultra fully supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Rec. 2100, making it an excellent future-proof investment for your current and future projectors.

Carson’s unique textile coatings ensure this highly elastic fabric material is resistant to creasing, UV, moisture, dust, discolouration and aging so your screen will continue to perform day-in, day-out for decades to come.

Blacker Black, Whiter Whites.

Standard Matt White vs Carson Starlight


FormatSpecViewing areaInstallation area
16:9100″2213 x 12452237 X 1269
110″2435 X 13692459 X 1393
120″2656 X 14942680 X 1518

The recorded measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Carson Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or ignored at the integrator’s discretion. Carson Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.


Projection in brightly lit environments

High-quality screen in an economical frame construction

Compatible with UST projectors only

4K compatible

Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens

Easy to assemble and install

Custom size options up to 400 inches

Award-winning screen technology

Compact and robust transport crate for easy shipping

ISF-certified screen material

Additional information

Case colour


Aspect ratio


Aspect Ratio (Masked)

HDTV 16:9

Projector screen size

100" – 120"


UST Starlight 4k/8k CLR

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